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Members with Debit Cards, please make note of the following toll-free after hours lost/stolen telephone number: 1-800-991-4965. Please use this number, when the Credit Union is closed.

MasterCard Debit Card

  • Overdraft protection limit and debit card limit
  • Cash advances can be made at ATMs worldwide
  • Personal identification number provides security
  • Offered to members that qualify
  • There is no fee for cash withdrawals and inquiries if a Cash Corner or Nebraska Walgreen's Cash Depot ATM is used. When using other ATMs, a $2.00 fee for cash withdrawals.
  • The debit card offers an alternative for members
    rather than writing checks
  • Members can have access to their account
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The debit card is safer than carrying cash and
    more convenient than writing a check
  • The card is accepted worldwide

MasterCard Secure Code
New security options for your MasterCard. Monitor your card for suspicious or fraudulent activity. Register Now!




If you believe that there has been an unauthorized electronic transfer of funds from any of your accounts, or in case of errors or questions about your electronic funds transfers, notify Heartland Area Federal Credit Union at (402) 571-8444, or by mail to or in person at 6111 North 72nd Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68134. Prompt notification of an unauthorized transfer will lessen your liability. If your access device, i.e. your card, PIN number, password, etc., for your account is lost or stolen, and you notify the Credit Union within 2 business days after learning of the loss or theft, your liability will not exceed the lesser of $50 or the amount of unauthorized transfers occurring before such notice. If you fail to notify the Credit Union within 2 business days after learning of the loss or theft, you will also be liable for all unauthorized transfers occurring after those 2 business days but before you gave the Credit Union notice. However, your total liability will not exceed $500. If an unauthorized transfer appears on a periodic statement, and you notify the Credit Union within 60 days of the Credit Unionís transmitting that statement to you, you will not be liable for any subsequent unauthorized transfers. However, if you fail to notify the Credit Union within 60 days, you will be liable for any unauthorized transfers occurring after the 60 days if the Credit Union could have stopped such transfer had you given notice within the 60 day period. The Credit Union will extend these deadlines to a reasonable period if your failure to notify the Credit Union was due to extenuating circumstances. The Credit Union will make such determinations on a case by case basis.  Complete Disclosure Information

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